19 octobre 2011 : rapport de la Mission 2010 FNEP annoncé au Journal Officiel

Le Journal Officiel du 19 octobre, n° 0243, annonce l’édition récente par la Documentation française du rapport FNEP 2010 n°41 sur la régulation des réseaux industriels.

Texte sur la rapport FNEP 2010 dans le Journal Officiel du 19 octobre 2011

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Bibliographic Report (Book): The regulation of industrial networks, what evolutions and perspectives in France and in Europe? by Fondation Nationale Entreprise et Performance

Tuesday 18 October 2011, by Marie-Anne Frison-Roche, Managing Editor and Director

This report ambits to improve the regulation of industrial networks in France and in Europe. Therefore, the Fondation nationale Entreprise et Performance (FNEP) concentrates its study on industrial networks, a category in which it includes telecommunications, energy, rail transportation, and postal services, in France and in Europe. The report proposes new rules or adaptations to old ones in order to increase regulators’ independence, efficacy, and oversight. It then suggests rules be modified to allow for the implementation of regulation at the European level, whenever the relevant market is European in scale.

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