Buy siwiss replica watches uk-Adopting a movement that is exactly the same as the original

The following are all the parts of the genuine and high imitation table. In order to facilitate the distinction and contrast, the younger brother pressed the genuine glass down, and the imitation glass was not pressed down fake Watch. So the top is genuine and the bottom is imitation.

This replica Watch is a movement that is exactly the same as the original one, so the shape of the pointer, and the height and thickness of the needle tube are exactly the same as the original. I believe everyone can observe through the pictures.

Yes, you are not mistaken. The Longines sold on the replica Watch Mall is indeed a modification of the authenticity. In the process of researching the authentic replica watches, we found a problem, this original authentic Longines. The Quartz ladies quartz replica Watch of L8. is very unsmooth in the adjustment time.

But this is not a quality issue, because quartz replica watches rarely need to adjust the time, but high imitation watches need more humanity than genuine ones. This is a problem of consumer psychology, because the replica Watch friends who buy genuine watches will not I feel that there is something wrong, but if I buy a copy of my friend, I receive an imitation table and find that the adjustment time is not smooth. I think that the quality of the imitation is not good, there will be a return, a dispute, and so on. This problem of not calling for something in authenticity needs to be solved in the high imitation table. Therefore, in the high-profile extraction process, the length is increased by about 0.6cm, so that the replica Watch will be smoother in terms of adjustment time.

This subtle place, the younger brother did not do more in the video. The blue mark on the top of the imitation is a protective film attached to the polished portion. In the engraving of the head shape, genuine and imitation products are also similar.

There is nothing to compare with this, and a genuine model of the movement, a model of the battery, the internal number of the Longines on the movement has also been printed. So there is really nothing to compare.