Cheap replica watches UK-Good quality mechanical replica IWC watches

Cheap replica watches UK-Good quality mechanical replica watches

The one that sells the most high imitation watches is a little. Some people who know a little about the market will know that it must be a high imitation of the Portuguese seven-day chain. The younger brother¡¯s blog has also updated many articles about the seven-day chain of the Portuguese, but currently In fact, no high imitation seller can clarify this high imitation fake watches that is regarded as an artifact, and what is the movement of his movement. Of course, there are also many great gods who wrote some introductions about these movements, but the younger brother said that the younger brother really can't understand what they are saying. I don't know if other friends have understood it.

The movement used in this high-imitation Portuguese seven-day chain, Figure 2 is the domestic imitation ETA 2824-2 movement, we can see that the two movements are completely different. The calibre used by the high imitation IWC of the Portuguese seven-day chain is two times larger than the domestically-made imitation ETA 2824 calibre. Balance wheel, shock absorber, gooseneck, all are not common, how could it be modified by the base 2824?

The completely dismantled imitation ETA 2824-2 calibre, the accessories inside are not common with the movements used in this high imitation Portuguese seven-day chain, they are the same, only in the frequency, the direction of the balance wheel, The way to adjust the calendar, if you can rely on these three points to be based on the XXX movement modified Swiss replica watches, can you think that the authentic Patek Philippe CS.324 movement is based on the Guangdong Pearl movement modified? (Tips: genuine Patek Philippe CS.324 movement, frequency 21600VPH, balance wheel direction and Pearl movement consistently adjust the calendar and the Pearl movement consistent)