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In the world of high imitation watches, some things can be corrected, such as literal printing, chamfering curvature of the case, which can be corrected by re-production, and some things can not be corrected, but for example, everyone often The size of the central axis of a high imitation table is different from the genuine one (this is really an unavoidable weakness). If you modify the size of the middle axis, you must modify the needle height, modify the height of the pointer, and sell it before. The watch can't be sold out, or two sets of accessories are prepared fake rolex. This is very troublesome to manage. This decision will be made unless it is a hot topic, or if the molder has decided to sacrifice the warranty of the previous customer.

At the same time, because of the different gadgets, it means that different molders can't repair the fake watches made by others. For example, YZ Mall will not accept the repair replica watches sold by other sellers. I am not afraid that the guests will not give money because it is really difficult to fix. No one knows what the accessories he bought are like. In case his watch model opener has not done it. Using other accessories, the watch is not waterproof, or easy to loose, I believe this is what guests do not want to see.

Each table has the advantage of each table, the table of the letter factory, is to do the right audience, while the shared marketing is more in place, the price is also affordable replica watches, of course you are looking for the seller, such a JF table, was Micro-commercial sales to the sky is not without.

In fact, in the end, there are two different watches, and the price is different. Some people will ask me how to choose? In fact, in the eyes of the younger brother, just like you are buying things normally, it is ok to find a reputable and powerful business. As a fashion item, what you consume is a pleasure. You only need to find out who can give you more pleasure.