Replica watches-Netizens evaluate the quality of Swiss movement fake watches

Netizens evaluate the quality of Swiss movement fake watches.

The movement used in this high-imported Portuguese seven-day chain, the gears that adjust the calendar are indeed placed in the same position as the imitation ETA 2824, but you know that almost all the calendar gears of the slow-moving movement are It is designed like this.

The original movement produced by the direct movement factory, marked with the actual number of drills and energy storage of the movement, the energy storage time approved by the movement factory is 70 hours, that is, without the chain The replica watches normal energy storage time of this movement is about 3 days, which does not reach the 168 hours that most sellers boast.

This movement is based on the Chinese-made imitation ETA 2836-2 modified imitation 3135 movement, the structure is exactly the same as the imitation ETA 2836-2, more than 90% of the accessories are universal, only modified the outside The gears on the deck then modify the hairspring to a blue spring with the same authenticity, but in essence he is still a copy of the ETA 2836-2.

For the description of this movement, it is a 23J self-winding movement made in China. The basic movement: Made in China 23J self-winding movement frequency: 28800VPH movement board: platinum-plated movement core plate and automatic rudder according to the real homemade machine Core Cal.52010, the best-looking imitation IWC52010 movement is the most conservative and accurate statement.

Because this movement is produced, it is OEM. The swiss fake watches will not be responsible for the repairs because they have installed the movements they produce. Therefore, ordinary buyers have no value even if they understand them. If they say it earlier, it will affect many people¡¯s business and harm others. Too much value, this movement is currently called, almost all of the high-like imitation of the United States, the high imitation Portuguese 7 is used in this movement.